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Talk-54 Continued from Talk-3

I’d much rather be talking casually. So, don’t take things such as oracles, prophecies, and others too serious […]



1953 愛媛県生
1979 多摩美術大学修士課程修了
1999 パリ国際サロン大賞
2000 パリ・サロン・ド・メ招待出展
2001 ブリスベン国際美術展大賞
2003 イタリア美術賞展大賞
2011 パリ・サロン・ドトーヌ推薦出展
2013 スペイン美術賞展招待出展/準大賞

JIAS 日本国際美術家協会会員

1999 Grand Prix Paris International Salon
2000 invited-participation to Salon de Mai
2001 Grand Prix competition  Brisbane Australia
2003 Grand Prix competition  Rome Italy
2011 recommended-participation to Salon d’Automne
2012 Taegu Art Fair
2013 Semi Grand Prix invited-participation to Spain competition
2013 Santa Fe Art fair
2014 Malaysia Art expo
2015 Pusan Art Show
2016 Art Shows and Fairs Hong Cong Zurich Hamburg 
2017 Art Shows and Fairs Hong Cong Zurich Mannheim
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Talk-54 Continued from Talk-3


I’d much rather be talking casually. So, don’t take things such as oracles, prophecies, and others too seriously. They are nothing more than usual stories that we all have. You also might have paid 30 bucks at a fortune teller’s as I paid 300 at a psychic’s for those stuff in 1984.This is it. Or you also might have played Ouija board with your friends and successfully conversed with spirits as I succeeded in Kokkuri-san (Japanese counterpart). Sorry, I started but I can’t talk about this anymore. I’m scared. I was warned not to play Kokkuri-san by the spirit which I conversed with on the self‐made paper chart that night. It was in my room of the dormitory of Tama Art College in 1973. I will be telling the details of this amazing story some day when I get well prepared for it. Anyway, I should drop talking on this subject now, and you never play at channeling lightheartedly. It’s dangerous. I’m not a man who is particularly interested in these kinds of things, but so long as I keep on writing Gallery Talk, I can’t help referring to them, as they are deeply related with my art work, life and・・・the future of human beings, I guess.

I am preparing Talk-4 as a glossary for special terms, names, events, which I may repeatedly mention in Talks. Please consult Talk-4 when you get lost, as I won’t make notice every time.

They say, I’m quite a poor talker, ignorant and naive, clumsy and reticent, I know. But in art, the eloquence of Genuine Truth is mine with the help of holy spirits’ oracles. Kyonin-sama told me (Talk-4)「夢はるか神と仏がともにいて描き清める画法を遂げなん」in 1984. “You create the technique in your art work, which pardons the world.” And Mary told me (Talk-4)「絵で実現しなさい」 in 1983.
“Realize it in your art work.” ・・・“It” means the idea that I was tightly holding in my soul then, which would be later titled DESSINER考, that is Tableau Resurrection Theory based on the miracle of Aurora-spirituelle(Talk-4)・・・namely Prophecy(Talk-3).

Mukuge petals
Jul.2017 73×52×3cm
oil on panel

Mukuge petals
Jul.2017 71×73×3cm
oil on panel

Mukuge petals
Aug.2017 104×73×4cm
oil on canvas

Magnolia petals
Jul.2017 104×73×4cm
oil on canvas

Mukuge petals
Jul.2017 49×88×3cm
oil on canvas

8.SEP.2017 53×73×3cm
oil on panel

Talk-3 I am not overstating my case


Talk-53 Path and Window in May 2017


Talk-52 Break into Talks


Talk-2 Continued fromTalk-1


Talk-1 self-promotion for Art Shows and Fairs, titled Self-portraits


Talk-5 HA-NEs



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