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Talk-55 俳句(HAIKU)

1 2 3 4 5 1 ■ Self-portrait 2011 13×16㎝ pen and ink on paper ボケ老人俳句歌いつ徘徊す。 Matsuyama, my hometown where I came […]



1953 愛媛県生
1979 多摩美術大学修士課程修了
1999 パリ国際サロン大賞
2000 パリ・サロン・ド・メ招待出展
2001 ブリスベン国際美術展大賞
2003 イタリア美術賞展大賞
2011 パリ・サロン・ドトーヌ推薦出展
2013 スペイン美術賞展招待出展/準大賞

JIAS 日本国際美術家協会会員

1999 Grand Prix Paris International Salon
2000 invited-participation to Salon de Mai
2001 Grand Prix competition  Brisbane Australia
2003 Grand Prix competition  Rome Italy
2011 recommended-participation to Salon d’Automne
2012 Taegu Art Fair
2013 Semi Grand Prix invited-participation to Spain competition
2013 Santa Fe Art fair
2014 Malaysia Art expo
2015 Pusan Art Show
2016 Art Shows and Fairs Hong Cong Zurich Hamburg 
2017 Art Shows and Fairs Hong Cong Zurich Mannheim
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Talk-55 俳句(HAIKU)







1 ■ Self-portrait 2011 13×16㎝ pen and ink on paper


Matsuyama, my hometown where I came back alone after retirement leaving my family in Tokyo in April 2014, is the mecca of Haiku (5-7-5 syllable poem). And I happened to join a haiku circle recently and this is the very first piece I have ever composed in my life… “No joke!”, only to get scolded. I know this cannot be a haiku, being out of traditional authenticity. I just made fun of myself as a man of senility, punning and joking・・・sorry. 
2 ■ Path May2017 96×86×4cm mixed media (Talk-53)

Find me. Find yourself in me. Here is the path. 

Sorry again. The second haiku was written in English. And what is more, it was spoken not by me but a plant…. Mary, I think. I really don’t care if you believe this personification of deity or not, but just listen to my story, please. I was taking a walk someday in May 2017, being worried about my miserable situation here in Matsuyama, when something diverted me to take an unusual course. There was no other trodden way. I waded through the bush into a wood. And after a while, suddenly I came to a spot. I felt somewhat brighter there in total serenity, and I heard the voice calling me. I turned around towards the voice and found an unknown tiny weed, standing stark alone. And it said to me. “Find me. Find yourself in me. Here is the path.” I took it and hurried back to my studio and completed the work with it. Then I titled this work-Path. (Mary: Talk-3,4,54)
3 ■ Window May2017 73×71×3cm mixed media (Talk-53)


―What a sunny, clear and bright day of May. Someone, I haven’t met yet but must be a very important person to me, is waiting outside. ― And you proved my words of this haiku in September. The plant is the other one of Path. Please treasure Window. Promise, we’ll meet also in this real world someday. Thank you very much.
4 ■ KAGUYA Oct2017 52×73×3cm oil on panel   


Aureolin is the color of the wish that shall be fulfilled on a full moon night.- The one introduced in Talk-54 had been retouched to get more aureolin. And the wish of 龍神社(Ryu-jinjya) was fulfilled in my painting on the full moon night in November.
5 ■ 龍神社(Ryu-jinjya) on the full moon night in Nov.2017 52×73×3cm oil on panel  


There is a shrine called 龍神社(Ryu-jinjya) in the middle of my walking course. Small and shabby though, I often drop in there to breathe the calm air of its holy ground. But at night, I just hurry to my house without even giving a slight glance at it. There also must be a bunch of evil spirits dwelling. Scary! However, I am still attached to this shrine none the less for its evil. I speculate that the holiness has both good and evil. Doesn’t my painting prove that? It is dark and bright, bright and dark at the same time. And now, incarnated in my painting is 龍神社(Ryu-jinjya). I am very sure, but please check it out by yourself. I wish you would even feel its holy ray radiating…, the same one I feel in the precinct. This work will be shown at Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show, Okura-Nikko Hotel in Taipei, TAIWAN. FEB.23-25,2018. I’ll be there myself. (scheduled as of 10 Nov.2017)

Talk-54 Continued from Talk-3


Talk-3 I am not overstating my case


Talk-53 Path and Window in May 2017


Talk-52 Break into Talks


Talk-2 Continued fromTalk-1


Talk-1 self-promotion for Art Shows and Fairs, titled Self-portraits


Talk-5 HA-NEs



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