Talk-1 self-promotion for Art Shows and Fairs, titled Self-portraits

I am thrilled to participate in Art Shows and Fairs. The offer I was given was only a month ago, but that was of perfect timing as if it had been destined beforehand. I was just looking for chances to exhibit my works professionally. And here I go.  
I have been an artist for more than forty years, starting under the influence of classical oil paintings such as Dutch paintings of the17th century.

self-portrait1975  10p

thatched hut 1975  10p

My style has changed dramatically since then. I have constantly made and disposed of works again and again, seeking for my own style. But I have not been able to find a fixed place where I can create many more works in a stable style. There are only a few works left, each in a different style, from my 40-year career and most of them are still in my studio. This has kept me from going professional. I have been an amateur for this reason. But please do not look down on me for having been such an “amateur”. Or would you ever do it to this artist who made those paintings above in his young days? The past period has been an inevitably important, holy apprenticeship of a forty-year inner activity. But I sense that the situations around me have changed recently and I am facing a new phase of my career. I notice a series of my recent works shows a more fixed and stable impression than ever before. I think I don’t need to be such an “amateur” anymore. And now I solemnly declare what had to be done has been done in the most splendid way possible. I have already been shifting myself towards a more professional way as my resume shows. That is because I believe what I have created through a forty-year consecration should be proven in this real world and dedicated to people.

Now please have a close look on a series of my recent works.

Petal 2016 42×81cm

Petal 2016 70×91cm

Plant notation 2015 25×50cm

Petal 2016 45×41.5 cm

Petal 2016 24×53cm

Petal あじさいの記憶2016 50.5×36.5cm

Please enjoy the essence of my forty years.
This is me, myself, my real self-portraits.


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