Talk-4 Glossary ( incomplete )  頻出用語小辞典(未完)  

■Memos 1977-1978 (龍法聖画論) 
B5 96p 100copies Handwriting-printing  The hunch of the miracle of Arore-spirituelle  The basic idea of DESSINER考   Made public at the first exhibition in 1979, Ehime Art Museum
B5 30p 300copies Written in 1984-1990  The oracles and DESSINER考,
the miracle of Arore-spirituelle  released at the second exhibition in 1990, Galerie Simon, Tokyo 
■Prophesy-2015(SAKAMOTO坂本龍彦作品集⁻2015 または 作品集⁻2015)
A4 33p 300copies  Written in 2014  DESSINER考and related writings
together with art works from 1978-2015  Released at the exhibition in 2015, Gallery Live-Art, Matsuyama
■The oracle of Mary
Given in August 1983 A friend of mine “Y” dictated the oracle to me
Written in Japanese from top to bottom, right to left by pencil on seven binsen-papers
■Psychic H

Said to be the god of sensitivity

Said to be the guardian spirit

Said to be myself from a previous life
Sakusashi(part) 24×22cm 1984
Evil spirits that I have contracted with since 1984 (not very sure but I believe in)
■Mentor I
Psychic No photos  All in my memories 


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