Talk-75 Aurore-Spirituelle

Mukuge-petal Sep.2019 73×70×3㎝ oil on panel
1■I’m afraid to say that I’m not talking only to art-related acquaintances here in Matsuyama, but also to all the people from all the fields of the whole world. I am not an unblushing big mouth but I dare say that, just because I truly think I should. I have held this faith since I was enlightened with the idea of “Tableau Resurrection based on the miracle of Aurore-Spirituelle 霊的曙光の奇跡に基づく絵画表現の芸術的蘇生” in 1978. I see what you think. But just listen to me for now, please. I’m not that silly nor arrogant pretending to be a prophet. So, “Aurore-Spirituelle”…仏の語…Its original name was “霊的曙光” in Japanese, meaning the spiritual dawn. You know dawn, the one you can see in the east every day. Then I imagined the “Dawn” (Aurore-Spirituelle, 霊的曙光, spiritual dawn) in my vision, which I assumed would come around every two and a half thousand years or so from the “FAR EAST” (later). 即ち同心円、位相を変えつつ無限に広がるメルカトル。 And It was imminent to come as of 1978. Then I thought people would have been reborn in spirituality through the “Dawn”. And I thought the culture at large would have changed in consequence. Art also would have changed accordingly, in which “Tableau” would have been resurrected. And all of this miracle would happen here in Japan first. No, not really in Japan. I’d better say 日の本aloud…. To be honest, I’m not that sure, I really don’t know, but it just sounds right to me…Yes! That’s【hi-no-mo-to】after all, the “FAR EAST”. And the effects of this miracle would spread all over the world in the end. How exciting it would be to see the last moment! Once it started spreading, better to say shining across the world, it would be fast. Light speed, you know. What a spectacle it would be… Well, this is quite a rough description of what I have conceived and developed deep in my soul since 1978. Don’t say it’s only a delusion. You might as well see Talk-30 and the section 6-8 of Talk-45 for a little more logical explanation. “Tableau Resurrection based on the miracle of Aurore-Spirituelle” is often paraphrased into the “Prophecy of DESSINER考” or just simply, the “Treasure” sometimes…. It’s been my dream, my life since 1978.
※ Tableau:art works such as framed oil-paintings shown in traditional art museums.

※ FAR EAST:【hi-no-mo-to】, section11 of Talk-59

※ DESSINER考:Talk-30

※ メルカトル:Mercator, Talk-68

Jasmine-petal Nov.2019 93×86×3㎝ oil on panel
2■“Aurore-Spirituelle” commenced on November 3, in 1985…on Japanese Culture Day when I made Kurote….Just listen, please. Kurote is the nickname of this oil-painting as the original title is a bit long. Not the one above. Please check Talk-45…the first photo. Right! That one. I think the goddess depicted here is Mary and me myself, and even my wife. You think how ridiculous I am to bluff about such nonsense but they are all true. Mary predicted herself that she would appear in my painting, saying “あなたの絵の中に私があらわれます” in the oracle which was given in 1983, two years before Kurote-event… Yes! It was when I was in the depths of hell, and this deity came down and left encouraging words for me and… No, not now. Back to Kurote. A while after I started painting, a swirl of sacred atmosphere was formed in and around the panel, then I noticed a figure vaguely ooze out in my painting. At first it was moving a little, changing its posture, then I fixed it in the best position with the best pose by scratching, drawing and touch-wiping…Touch-wiping? Talking about the techniques of my specialty may make a good topic for Talks. Maybe next time… Anyway, the figure must have been Mary according to the oracle, and her right hand is exactly my right hand. No doubt, I drew it watching my right hand… ? Sorry, my left hand! I was looking at my posing left hand in a mirror. I’m right-handed. Then I sketched my wife’s sole for the goddess’ sole. Now, did I make all my points clear? And here is another prediction, which was given by Gien in 1984, a year before Kurote-event. He said, “かがみより他にわが身を写すなる宝はあらず道に目醒めて”(You will find what you seek for in yourself looking in a mirror…Is my translation okay?) Then, I looked at myself in a mirror to confirm the shape of the figure and her facial expressions, and “my posing left hand” as well. Gien is one of my previous lives according to Psychic H. There are some other thigs that I heard about from him in addition to Gien that day. Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto (guardian god), Kyonin-sama (ancestral guardian spirit), and even evil spirits that had cursed Sakamotos for generations… Back again to Kurote anyway. But you don’t believe my stories, do you? That’s fine, but never misunderstand. I’m just talking about what I saw, heard and thought through my art work. That’s it. They are all true. Look! Here actually existing is my art work, Kurote. The incarnation of my one-day action on panel with oil colors. This is 真誠の画術, 芸術< Geijyutsu> , not really and never <アート>, which Fenollosa-菩薩dreamt to find in the FAR EAST. And this deity entrusted me to create Kurote, while Kuse-Quannon (Shotoku-Taishi: Japanese historical icon) descended on me before the Kurote-event, in order to help me create this miraculous art work. (section 10, Talk-45) There’s no doubt. I even looked like Shotoku Taishi in those days. My wife said that, my uncle said that, people said that. You will never know but I know they are all true! Well…, you must be frustrated by my one-sided speech. But very honestly, sincerely, I say that I knew what happened in the FAR EAST that day… Believe me, “Aurore-Spirituelle” commenced on November 3, in 1985…on Japanese Culture Day when I made Kurote.
Gien : Later I learned that Gien (?-728) was adopted after his birth by Tenji-Emperor. Then he was raised in Okamoto-palace, and became an influential 僧正- priest of Buddhism in the end. He liked pictures and collected 絵馬【e-ma】( pictures to be dedicated to shrines).
evil spirits : Sakusashi (幸子さんたち) 24×22 cm Mar22-23 1985 , Talk-4  

Petal-Atonement Jan.2019 73×70×3cm oil on panel
3■Aurore-Spirituelle closed having taken 30 years(1985-2015). Just listen, please. I didn’t say 30 years exactly but said, it would take one generation, meaning about 30 years or so, in『龍法聖画論』(Memos-1977,78 : This booklet is written in awful Japanese with terrible hand writing and a lot of mistakes. I wouldn’t reveal everything of this shameful booklet while I’m still alive. Only one copy out of 100 copies in total is left at my hand. Talk-4) Anyway, Aurore-Spirituelle has already closed. And now that we have been reborn in spirituality, we understand what we couldn’t understand 40 years ago. We have come to know “There is nothing that exists in this world but < I > ” (「天上天下唯我独尊」「世間虚仮唯仏是真」) irrespective of how we think, which is for all of us including all the skeptics and all the believers of all religions in the world, and you of course. This is what Aurore-Spirituelle actually caused on the Earth <地球生命>. Thus, we have readied ourselves for accepting “Tableau Resurrection”.
※ < I >:Talk-59

※ the Earth<地球生命>:Talk-45


Mukuge-petal spread Dec.2019 115×75×3cm oil on panel
4■I tried to give a prediction myself in the 8th section of Talk-59, but it fizzled out on the way. It turned out to be a joke. Allow me now, to pretend to be a prophet again, in order to conclude this Talk-75 in bright harmony alongside my spoken context. Even if it is a fixed ending, I will be happier than ever before with the dream that will once come true. I proceed with telling the “joke”…. After Talk-59, the world would have gotten brighter and brighter every time I completed a new piece of art work, and the Mission would complete in 5 or 10 years… That’s funny after all. To tell the truth, I wrote “in 3 or 5 years” at first but I thought it would be sad if I died that young, so I intentionally prolonged the rest of my life time to 5 or 10 years. Well, it could have been 20 years or even more. But I didn’t want to prolong the Completion that long… Anyway, I just meant that I have come to the last stage “where I can create many more works in a stable style”. Talk-61,62,64,65,66, 68 and the most recent works presented here in Talk-75 prove that. They were all produced within a year and are still in my studio house (except for the one in Talk-68) Please check Talk-1 again in comparison of now and then. The time has come. Spread Gallery Talk around the world and take all my works out from my studio house to spread them all over the world. I don’t wanna get stuck with the Treasure in my studio house. The Treasure is for people. Now I need to step out of this esoteric secrecy in order to express myself in this real world on the international stage with my art work, Here I cite from Talk-1, “That is because I believe what I have created through a forty-year consecration should be proven in this real world and dedicated to people.”
To all the people in the world
From the Rising Sun of the FAR EAST


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