Artworks for 『artbygenève 2010』


“A Door of Life Love Aria A Secret Incantation”

The feeling that I love something or somebody while I live :
The joy of living.
A creature such as a bird holding an egg
Is a guardian angel of the natural world.
The existence
Toward which everything having life can pray.
When Aria comes across something
She really communes with,
The door of Life is opened by a secret incantation,
And her hair shines brillantly.
In every heart
There is the painter Aria
Confined in the devil-mirror,
And she draws the poetry of Heart.
Poetry and the tone of arias (in opera) are flowing there.
The key is…in your heart.
In search of light.   © 中村 陽江 2008

“A Door of Life To Bring Up”

A green tree and an orange tree.
Two trees in the devil-mirror.
The sacred world.
On the wind
The green one communicates with another
By leaves of love.
The orange one does
By fruitful nuts.
It seems to be heard but can’t be heard.
The quiet world of Mind.
Soon they become a tree of happiness.
It receives a gift of water from Heaven.
Life is born in the space,
Bringing ease and joy to live
And light and shadow, death.
Conversation Art on the hill of Time
Any map does not have.
May a leaf of happiness arrive at you!
The story in prayer
Becomes the wing
And flaps
Toward light.
© 中村 陽江 2009

“Art A Devil-Mirror of Life Who are you~”

Something I don’t understand which is smoking
Is settled in my heart, sucking Life.
It always glares at me.
It is the existence that pollutes and weakens me.
It lays eggs steadily and increases.
Eggs are hatched and increase steadily.
Mysterious things continue increasing and fill my mind.
A black clock.
Time is breaking.
In a heart life flowers.
The fight of the heart continues.
Suddenly I find the existence of a shadow.
Art, A Devil-Mirror of Life; Who are you~

I think now that light is invisible it is the scene of our mirror in the space.
I have pictured jitters, sense of loss, heart, time, life, prayer and crying….
I want you to believe in light and to feel regeneration in them.
I also put love for life, wish to peace into golden eggs.
© 中村 陽江 2008

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