Display of the folding screen type work by Emiko Horimoto(SAKU Municipal Museum of Modern Art,Nagano Pref.)


The large folding screen type painting by Emiko Horimoto is one of the most important works being exhibited
at The Grand Exhibition of the Newly Stored Works of SAKU Municipal Museum of Modern Art.

The exhibition is open for about 2 months from July 30 (Sat) to October 2 (Sun), 2011.
Open all days from 9:30 to 17:00. (Opening hours will be extended for special days.)

Horimoto’s work being exhibited has been stored in the museum since last year. It is the folding screen type work which was put on “the Exhibition of Recent Works by Emiko Horimoto” held in July last year at the Toho Gallery, Kyobashi, Tokyo.





Pictures from top
1.CURRENT B-95(To the Great Universe)175x112cm x 4 panels
2.The 2011 schedule of SAKU Municipal Museum of Modern Art
3.The inside page of the above
4.Emiko Horimoto explaining her work of folding screen type at the preopening ceremony

For details please refer to:

For details of the preopening ceremony please refer to (July 30 of Horimoto’s web diary):

Please don’t fail to drop in the museum if you have a chance to visit Nagano Pref. during summer holidays. The museum is located near Karuizawa.

SAKU Municipal Museum of Modern Art
No.35-5 Sarukubo Saku-shi,Nagano-Pref. 382-0011
TEL 0267-67-1055  FAX 0267-67-1068

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