2012年5月9日 〜 2012年5月15日

名古屋 栄 三越 7階 特選画廊

                                   堀本惠美子                                                                                                    作家来廊予定  作家は会期中、毎日在郎いたします。


CURRENT B-85  宇宙の光 175cm x 112cm x 3cm 4枚組み (屏風状作品)
-CURRENT B-85 ‘The Light of Universe’ 175cm x 112cm x 3cm x four screens, (Folded screen type)

CURRENT W-1241  愛の光 46cm x 79cm x 2cm P20
-CURRENT W-1241 ‘The Light of Love’ 46cm x 79cm x 2cm P20


Exhibition of the painting by Emiko HORIMOTO
‘Message of Love’

Time: May 9(Wed) to May 15(Tue), 2012
Place: The Art Gallery, 7th floor of Mitsukoshi, Sakae, Nagoya

I have exhibited the series of ‘Message of Love’ for more than 10 years, but this is first exhibition in Nagoya.
It will be my sincere pleasure if you can enjoy ‘Spirit’ and ‘Peace’ expressed in the golden and blue colors of the works filled with ‘Energy of Universe’.

              Emiko HORIMOTO

I will be available all the time during the exhibition at the gallery.

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