Photo work YAMAMOTO MASAYA 2014

山 本 雅 也
 「写真を始めないか?」私と写真の出会いは、東芝姫路絵画部で石膏デッサンを描いていた頃、写真家 関本寿男氏に声をかけられたことがきっかけである。写真を始めて早や34年、絵の真似をしない、構図を撮るとき考えない、綺麗な写真に溺れない等、写真には、写真の表現がある。
Documenting the Senses
Yamamoto Masaya
“How would you like to try taking photos?” My love affair with the camera began when l was drawing a plaster sculpture at the Toshiba Himeji Gallery and the photographer Sekimoto Toshio approached me with these words. Thirty-four years on,l have noted a few things about photography. Photography should not imitate painting, you should not fret about composition when taking a photo, and you should not get hung up on taking pretty pictures.
As time goes by, everything retreats into the past and becomes a record of time gone by,but the interesting thing about photography is that it captures the reality of that moment faithfully and prints it in permanent form. When using a camera to document your life, you simply snap the shutter, believing thg evidence of your senses.
When l take the camera in hand,l feel a buming passion for photography well up. lt is a world of wonder, which exquisite timing,angles, and lens work can reveal. l think my own work in the medium is rooted in Watanabe Tsutomu’s book Photography: Expression and Technique. I believe that shooting ordinary life, customs, traditions and festivals means capturing the heart of the Japanese people. Each day l hope to take a picture that zooms in on something faintly felt,gives it shape, and engraves it in the minds of viewers.
                                             March 2014
Translated by Christopher Stephens


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