Contemporary Art YAMAMOTO MASAYA 2014

小野田 寛(美術家)
柳谷 郁子(作家)
 ひたすらな熱情と卓抜な技量をもって創出される、彼の言う「至福の時」によって練りあげられた明快な色の豊饒、色の構成の旋律は、分厚い静謐な平和に満ちて私たちを魅了し、いっそう幾層にも限りなく連なっていく果てしない世界 一それは希望に満ちた朗らかな命の讃歌のようだ一 へと私たちを案内する。
Colliding Negative Spaces and the lnterplay of Vacuums
Onoda Minoru(Artist)
Throughout much of history, the story of painting was the story of artists’desires and endeavors to create three-dimensionality and spatial depth on a flat surface. ln recent decades,however,many have moved in the opposite direction,seeking to accentuate the flatness of the flat.
Yamamoto takes the latter approach,applying his own unique methods to the pursuit of flatness. He selects an area of the picture’s surface and affixes thick canvas of precisely the same shape over that area, drawing attention to,and enhancing the quality of the flat surface.
Then,in lucid planes of color, he portrays expansive space,and creates a world of colliding negative spaces and the interplay of vacuums.
(from a 1985 solo show at Gallery Kooma)
The World of Yamamoto Masaya’s Soul
Yanagitani lkuko(Writer)
l am a fan of Yamamoto Masaya’s.
Yamamoto appears on the surface to be modest and reticent,practically a recluse,making you wonder where the surging magma of his creative energies comes from.
However,as you watch him mix up color in a mortar and pestle and lay it down,the gleam in his eyes at that ecstatic time eloquently decimates this modest and reticent impression. He is a man driven to convey his unyielding convictions to the viewer. And
standing before these works, the viewer is brought to a dead standstill.
The melodious compositions of lucid,fertile colors,brought forth during this “ecstatic time” through his ardent devotion and extraordinary skill, draw the viewer into a tranquil,abundant realm of peace, a world of wordless depths and endless layers - like a paean to life itself, full of serenity, brimming wifh hope.
lf in fact simplicity is the answer, the key that unlocks the complexity and intricacy of this world, the world of the soul, then it is no surprise that Yamamoto, the artist and the man, long immersed in the magical work or play of unraveling this complexity, would be driven to seek another path in the art of photography,which could be called a collaboration between man and machine.
What is it that Yamamoto Masaya, the painter,has spent his life pursuing silently and unflaggingly, a gleam in his eye, a jar of paint at his elbow, or a camera in his hand? As for myself,I intend to stand transfixed before his work,and let it work its inimitable magic.
 March 2014
 Translated by Christopher Stephens


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