ほしのモンスターズがやってくるHoshi no Monsters are coming to town

2024年6月10日 〜 2024年6月16日


場所:東京都中央区銀座3丁目8-17 ホウユウビル 5・6階


Ginza YW Gallery is pleased to present the Hoshino Project exhibition, “Hoshi no Monsters are coming to town” from Monday, June 10 to Sunday, June 16, 2024.
The Hoshino Project, an art collective comprised of Suisei Hoshino, Shinwa Hoshino, and Kyoko Hara, showcases a unique blend of talents: Suisei Hoshino is responsible for the sculptural design, Shinwa Hoshino for the color design, and Kyoko Hara for the storytelling behind the characters.
One of the most captivating aspects of the Hoshino Project is how the initial vision of one artist is transformed and expanded upon by another, creating a dynamic and boundary-pushing collaboration. Living in diverse regions such as Australia, Japan, Tokyo, and Osaka, the artists bring together their varied perspectives and experiences, merging differences and similarities into a cohesive artistic expression. Viewers are invited to reflect on their own identities through the unique and diverse forms presented.
This exhibition marks a significant milestone for the Hoshino Project, which has imagined over 900 characters to date. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in their imaginative world.